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Congratulations you've *conquered all obstacles*! You've built your author platform...and adding to it as you gained experience. Finally, you've ripped open the cardboard box and grabbed hold of your baby (okay, your book) and sucked in the wonderful aroma of extremely hard working print on crisp...
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*The Key to Successful Marketing in 2010 is to Expand Your Network* For an author, building an author platform that stands out from the rest worked in 2009....but now an author will have to  be MORE THAN GREAT. Don't let this scare you away. Much of what you're doing right now is good and is very...
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RUINED REPUTATION COMES TO A HALT Could self-publishing be the way to publish your book(s)? RECORD HIGHS OF SELF-PUBLISHED BOOKS FOR THE MONTH OF FEBRUARY, 2009 Why is self-publishing taking over the traditional method of publishing?                     YOU can..."Conquer All Obstacles...
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Imagine yourself on a dark stage, in the largest theater hall in the world. Everything is quiet. The curtain lifts. Suddenly, the light is blinding. Before your eyes, you have over a billion people cheering in the crowd. They are waving money in the air, chanting for you to speak about your book...