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And it begins with that ring next door -- it is, alas, for wrestling not for boxing. And for "professional" wrestling, to boot, which is fake wrestling, which -- as luck would have it -- I actually love!! It was a really splendid evening (yesterday), and so I was out on my super-...
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The bigfoot revealed at a packed Palo Alto press conference last Friday (left) is every bit as realistic as Macho and Sassy Sasquatcho of Incredibly Strange Wrestling (right). I wrestled Bigfoot. I wrestled him three times. All I have to say is that the Sasquatch that was revealed at a packed...
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I wish I had arms like these. No really. This Sean Phillips guy drew me into the newest issue of the Marvel/Icon comic Criminal and he drew me with really big guns there choking a dude out in a diner. Check it out: 20-inch pythons. Image: Sean Phillips. Yeah, it’s the comic book version of me so...
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My blog about choking out librarians and booksellers at BEA earned the BEST BLOG spot on the front page of this website. I guess choking out librarians taps into some kind of deeply held subconscious desire in the lit community. I mean who doesn’t want to slap a sleeper hold on a librarian? Here's...
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There are few more hallowed watering holes in San Francisco these days than the 540 Club on Clement at 7th. It’s a dive in the best sense of the word and here I am, potentially ruining all the lowbrow ambiance by hauling off and having a book reading there. I mean a book reading at the 540? What...
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It was a long walk to the back room at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando for Ric Flair last night. Yes, his loss to "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels was not only a forgone conclusion but pre-determined by weeks of booking. His retirement after this match was well known. The drama during the...