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I don't usually write about politics here, or anywhere, although I have at times become so angry with what is going on that I let myself go and put it out there . . . in writing. That's what writers do -- write. As I watch the Democrats and Republicans scrapping over the country's votes and Obama...
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  In the film business, producers are terrified of not “making the day” which means getting every setup and shot done for that day.  Usu­ally, schedules are totally unrealistic because the producer has convinced his investors or boss that he can bring the project in (feature, TV show, indus­...
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When the first accident happened on Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, it was the big snicker of people in theater. A Sixty-Five Million dollar production and one of the leads gets hurt during the previews and everyone in the audience twittering about it during the show (because that is what live...
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The time has come once again for a script of mine to go out to producers. This is a script I wrote in just under three weeks, then revised according to notes sent by my manager. But “going out” means it’s finished and ready to be seen by the eyes of Those Who Hold the Pursestrings. You have to be...
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So I'm a little floored. Last summer I entered the Writers' Guild-sponsored Scriptapalooza Television Script competition, and yesterday I learned that my script, "The Vicious Circle," was picked by top agents etc. as one of the five finalists in the Original Pilot category, out of 843...