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So this year I made a goal not to procrastinate so much. It's a definite flaw of mine,putting things off. For instance, last year I unpacked several book boxes from when I moved. When did I move?  Oh, four years ago. Yep. My apartment has this funky 60's-70's closet in the living room. It...
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My wife was in her recliner, on her computer, reading about penis enlarging devices (don't ask). The ginger cat leaped up onto her. He's the twenty pounder. She is not a large woman. We indulge him his lap attempts because he's a sweet purr machine and we're suckers for those green eyes, pink nose...
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Normally when I go jogging, which I sort of hate, I’m tuned in to an iPod or something else that takes my mind off the fact that I’m bored, out of shape, getting older, and would rather be doing just about anything else. And even though I still refuse to go to a gym, I recognized myself...
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It's almost six p.m. on a Sunday, a beautiful day, slight breeze, clear sky, warm for the Bay Area. The dog is crashed out at my feet, the hum of sportcasters from the tv in the next room is a mere drone. The house is cool and mostly quiet. Cars are coming past my house at the same rate as when i...
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It seems I am procrastinating this week. (okay so we've only had two days so far- but they've been entire days, as it's now Tuesday evening.) I can only hope that tomorrow will be a more settled writing day and that I will write. And write more than 1000 words.  It's not that I'm stuck, or have...
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While I’ve got summer writing productivity on the brain, I just wanted to share a couple things I’ve come across lately — some of which you may find useful, others of which will provide hours of procrastination. This blog post is all about WriteRoom software, which promises “distraction free...