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Tom Smith, the GOP candidate for the US Senate in Pennsylvania, has just stepped in to clean up the pregnancy/”legitimate rape” kerfuffle created by his fellow Senate candidate, Todd Akin of Missouri. Smith condemned Akin’s infamous comment, yet agrees with Akin and the GOP platform that...
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"It's never like this," everyone said about the torrential rains for five days in LA. After they proudly announced, "We don't know how to drive in the rain." As they were driving. We were on our way to the 60th Birthday of a dear friend, and had looked forward to a few days...
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I usually wake up in the morning with something embedded in my brain that I want to write about. This morning it was abortion and pro-choice. It was kind of weird, because I had a nightmare last night that I was surrounded by men and I couldn't get out. I knew they were going to rape me, and I had...
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“Spitting in the eye of the strongest woman candidate in the history of the country.” That’s what Allison Fine called it when NARAL Pro-Choice America endorsed Barack Obama for President two days ago. Fine wrote passionately on the Huffington Post of her fellow NARAL supporters, middled-aged and...