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This sounds a bit weird despite its tragic resonances. One can imagine that in Guantanamo Bay some kinds of music might be considered torture simply because of their quality. Here we are talking decibel levels to “help break uncooperative detainees”. Musicians have joined the coalition that is...
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That Bird Has My Wings: The Autobiography of an Innocent Man on Death Row is Jarvis Jay Masters’ second book, and it comes with endorsements by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Van Jones, author David Sheff, and many others. Although Masters writes of the crimes he’s committed, as well as those he’s...
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On Friday, September 25, I spent the afternoon in prison – and it really made me rethink the lucky breaks I’ve had in life, and others who were not so lucky. And one thing we just about all have in common is….children. That Friday afternoon, I made the hour drive out to Lockhart State Prison, with...
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Imagine if you will, Heathrow International Airport in virtual silence. That was the scene August 10th, 2006 as thousands of travelers stood in line to catch flights home to various parts of the U.S.  There was no carryon luggage or purses allowed, just clear plastic bags holding passports, wallets...
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The two-person memoir Spoon Jackson and I have written will be out April, 2010. We're happy, and both working hard. You can read about By Heart: Poetry, Prison, and Two Lives here (and sign up to be notified when the book comes out)    
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It's hard to know exactly what went on those last few months in prison. My dad and stepmom only sometimes took phone calls from my brother, stating that it was too expensive and often he was not lucid anyway. As I mentioned before, his letters were hard to decipher and in one of his last letters,...
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In my last entry, I mentioned that my 25-year-old brother, though having some rocky times in college, he seemed to pull things together. He was working in a Gucci retail store, lived near his best friend from college, and had a fiancé. Though we were only 30 miles apart, I did not see him during...
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I grew up in an upper middle -class home in Los Altos, CA (just below the upper class homes in Los Altos Hills). I always thought my family was strange and didn't fit in, but that was before I really learned that every family is strange. My father was an alcoholic until I was almost 7 years old....
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R. Dwayne Betts – “a good student from a lower-middle-class family” – carjacked a man, went to prison, and has written a book about the experience. Betts was sixteen when he committed the crime, but tried and convicted as an adult; he served eight years in Virginia prisons. He’s been out for four...
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  Is Pres. Obama Safe From Attack? Two women, two potential presidential assassins, are free today, 34 years after they attempted to assassinate Pres. Gerald Ford.  Has the Secret Service learned anything from Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme and Sara Jane Moore, which will help them in their attempts to...