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We started off our Bay Area Tour with a bang at the Mystery Writer’s Conference at Book Passage (one of our ATF bookstores). There were maniac murderers, femme fatales, and international men of mystery run amok. And that was just at the faculty dinner! As for the Mysterypalooza, the bar was...
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Our fabulous Kansas City Pitchapalooza winner, Genn Albin give us part 2 of 4 of her journey to a six-figure deal for a YA dystopian fantasy novel, Crewel: http://www.thebookdoctors.com/genn-albins-story-of-how-she-got-a-six-figure-3-book-deal-after-winning-pitchapalooza-part-2
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Writing is my passion! I have a few stories floating around out there, but I need some advice. I've been working on a new series of books, and I want the best for my characters. I want them to *SHINE*, but I also want to make sure that their "home" is the right one. I could go Print-on-...
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  Today Bowker, the exclusive U.S. ISBN and SAN Agency, sent out a press release with the following headline: Bowker Reports U.S. Book Production Declines 3% in 2008, but "On Demand" Publishing More than Doubles This announcement should not really come as any great surprise, especially...
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My blog yesterday drew a healthy response, which is great to see. The panel presented a snapshot of the way things are in publishing presently but also avoided two key realities. One is that business-as-usual is just not working. Independent bookstores are falling like buffaloes in the Old West....
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I am so grateful that I get to do what I love. Seriously, as a fulltime freelance writer and publishing consultant, even in these tumultuous times where the industry has suffered many job losses, I am surviving. In addition, I’m pleased that my novel, my print-on-demand albeit multi-award winning...
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Thanksgiving Day dinner offers us many food choices, so I figure Write Nonfiction in November should offer a blog about choices - in this case publishing choices - on November 27th as well. As you finish up your Write Nonfiction in November project (just four days until it's over if you're writing...
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From: "Corinne  Copnick" <ccopnick@earthlink.net>To: "Cryo Kid Blog" <ccopnick1.corkyc@blogger.com>Subject: The new entrepreneurs - self-publishing authorsDate: Thursday, June 05, 2008 10:14 PM     A few more observations about the BookExpoAmerica show held in Los...