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The One and Only Ivan Katherine Applegate middle grade Let me say right off the bat that I really enjoyed this book. Really enjoyed it. There were some craft aspects I had my issues with, but the the emotional connection was so complete, it was impossible to walk away from the story unchanged...
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I wish so many people didn't hate the phrase "paradigm shift," because it really does the job of conveying one highly specific thought: that an old model of how things work is receding at the approach of a new and more powerful model (in the words of Ken Wilber, one that "subsumes...
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A controversy is currently raging in Louisiana and Texas -- and it has nothing to do with the presidential race. Six chimpanzees are caught in a custody battle between two sanctuaries, Chimp Haven and Primarily Primates, both of which claim the right to house them. The chimps' plight, and the lack...