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Hello, Space and Time readers, blog followers, friends, e-friends, and, hey, even if you accidentally stumbled upon this, looking for something else!  I hope you read and liked the story.  Please comment on it below--or, if you're bashful, shoot me an email, listed in this blog's...
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Guest post for Louise Hart's April newsletter  As the terrible news from Japan unfolds, we are learning a lot about nuclear energy. It’s a sophisticated, pollution-free energy source—until something goes wrong. Same thing with nuclear families, which are defined as a father, a...
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“In spite of everything I shall rise again; I will take up my pencil, which I have forsaken in my great discouragement, and I will go on with my drawing.” ~ Vincent Van Gogh      While I was catching up with e-mail last night, I overheard a story my husband was following on TV – a man served...