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Rachel has never forgiven Chase for deserting her after her father died during a deep sea dive with him. But Chase desperately needs Rachel’s help if he is to find an ancient Chinese treasure ship in Kaylin McFarren’s new novel “Severed Threads.” An intriguing tale of mystery, deception and murder...
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Oh, wow, do I have a lot to learn. I attended a friend's workshop last night at our local writer's conference (that's going on all week) about how to use the media to promote your book/s. She packed in so much information in 3 hours that my head is still spinning. I already know about the various...
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A few days ago I ran a post about how to pitch the media. However, sometimes getting media attention takes more than just a good pitch or attention-grabbing press release. It takes persistence and knowledge of how to get noticed both in Cyberspace and by a physical person in a physical office....
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http://netdna.copyblogger.com/images/press-release.jpg   RIP, the Press Release (1906-2010) -- and Long Live the Tweet   Simon Dumenco"I specifically ordered Persian rugs with cherub imagery!!! What do I have to do to get a simple Persian rug with cherub imagery uuuuugh."...
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I'm thrilled to report the publication date of Zephyr, my second book of poetry: September 2010. This book has been a labor of love for the past six years. I also wondered if it would ever make its way into the world. My friend and fellow poet, Kim Addonizio, said yes, yes, but I still wondered....
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My website's had a bit of an update that I want to share with you. The layout is different for the home page, the books page and a few other areas here and there. Secrets She Left Behind , available May 26th, is now the featured book, and you can read Chapter One if you like. SSLB has received a...
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I just signed on to Dan Janal's PR Leads Service (http://www.prleads.com). For $99 per month, he regularly emails you a list of queries by reporters looking for specific ideas or quotes for articles. You can pick and choose who you respond to. Sounds very promising.
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I just finished my Press Release, Bio and Q&A forms. I followed a system that's been recommended by Paul Hartounian, an expert in getting free publicity. I'll put it up today on my website at http://www.doctorstevenpark.com. If you have any suggestions or comments on how I can make it better,...
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This press release is about a fantasy property I created for Star Farm Productions. It’s called Kaimira, and I am leading creative development on it across media as well as writing the books (with one other author). For the book series I use the pen name Monk Ashland. BBC WORLDWIDE ANNOUNCES...