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Robinson Devor is a film director and writer. His video is independent of my book. Devor is creating a feature film about Moore, which is still in production. http://robinsondevor.com/video/57572806 Sara Jane Moore’s bullet came within six inches of killing President Gerald Ford.   When...
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All I have to say is Vote. Vote. Vote and VOTE!!! I have become transfixed with the goings on of politicians and the media. MSNBC, CNN, Network Television and Fox have become some of my bestest friends. Here I am able to take a look at grown, so called smart folks; telling me what I should and...
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The National Portrait Gallery at the Smithsonian Institute is honoring Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday with a visual retrospective. The items on display showcase his various careers as a radio sports announcer,  actor, California Governor, and as our 40th President. Some of the artifacts include: *...
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Every year on Father's Day, along with thousands of other women I experience a sense of loss, knots in my stomach and an acute yearning. For what? For happy memories with a caring, loving, non abusive, protective father. Those of us who have experienced incest don't have those happy memories. We...
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A few months ago I bought the entire seven-year series boxed set of The West Wing -- an investment, if you consider the paltry offerings on TV lately. In my humble opinion, it retains its place of excellence in TV writing, and, as far as possible, the writers were sticklers for authenticity,...