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No commentary today: hey, I'm just reporting here--  but when even the Associated Press seems a tad abashed, you have to wonder if all of this is maybe a bit too much, a little too early.  From the AP story:  "...The Nobel committee praised Obama's creation of 'a new climate in international...
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CLARENCE CENTER, N.Y. Feb. 18...On a gloomy Thursday afternoon (Feb. 12) a random sampling of Americans boarded Continental Connection Flight 3407 departing Newark Airport  en route to Buffalo.  Psychologist Mervyn Fliegel calls them "the givers." On that same day another group in D.C...
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It’s taken nearly six years, but events in Iraq have finally proven the beloved Baghdad Bob prophetic. If you recall, Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf, aka Baghdad Bob, was the over-the-top Iraqi spokesman who told so many grandiloquent lies that he became the breakout star of the early war all those years...
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“Holy W, Batman!  You’re like Bush?”  The Wall Street Journal has run a piece comparing the trials and tribulations of Batman to those of President Bush.  Wow!  Was that a bat signal in the sky, or the letter “W?”  If you want to read the article and comments, go to WSJ.com Forums.  I have my own...
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The June 24th Wall Street Journal carried this blurb in the front-page What's News column: A woman has been chosen for promotion to the rank of four-star general for the first time in American history. For someone whose novel features the wives of four new army officers in the spring of 1970 and...
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I'm so tired of President Bush. I'm tired of politics in general. I'm tired of this election, and it's April. When I started this blog a week ago, I decided not to write about politics. Sometimes, we need a break. But then I read on Josie Brown's blog that President Bush is trying to...