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 Photo: Cover of the book, from imagesbn.com (bn.com; Barnes and Noble)   My friend Sheryl Sorrentino has crafted a sort of unique novel in a style that she calls "real fiction."  In an Afterword, she describes "real fiction" as "...provocative, culturally-inclusive stories that...
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The delays…interruptions…to your important life, as well as mine, are quite frustrating, are they not? Who hasn’t experienced a flight delay? A mechanical problem? A cancelled flight? Or, a traffic jam? Or, having to wait in the checkout lane? They’re everywhere. They’re a nuisance. They interfere...
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Recipes for A Sacred Life: Rivvy Neshama Recipes come in many tastes, varieties, and books, presented on cooking shows and sometimes created by you in your own kitchen. But, the recipes I am going to share with you are not ones that you can eat but are recipes that will embrace you as a person,...
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My great friend and writing mentor, Nancy Bauer, as wise as the ears she writes about, mentioned the past on Facebook in regards to Thanksgiving. One of the responses to her comment spoke about our mutual times with the fluid writing group in the gathering place fondly known as the Ice House. That...
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I thought I saw you walking by. But light, time and memory were toying with my wistfulness. You’d been replaced by a bush.  Funny, because I thought it was walking.  I thought it was moving. I thought it was you.  There was no one to tell, no one to understand.  Only you would...
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 Buddha offered the advice, "The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly." This advice could not be more appropriate for me today.  Read more...
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To be fully aware is to accept what is, now take a deep breath and realize that you are present. From that moment harness your power, begin with gratitude and simply grow!
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As you open up to greater levels of self expression be open and receptive to receive what you have been asking for. Be PRESENT! HAPPY THURSDAY! http://jtuniverse.com/
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One writer friend once told me, seeing we were both living in the last century together, that authors had to compete with a whole lot o' distracted people. Those people went to the moving pictures. Those people watched the TeeVee. Those people listened to the gramophone. And none of this touched...
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NYTimes published a short article by John Tierney documenting some psychologists' study, "You Won't Be The Person You Expect To Be".  Their study was about self-perception and people's inabilities to predict how and how much they change. Seems like many of us undersestimate how much we'll...