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A hand-off (of sorts) to our editor-friends (especially Editor Les, who oft fixates on the "dangling" variety), this potential "hang over the word processor" chuckle-o'-the-morn... (Cartoon at right) ("Picked up" from the page of FB friend Marilyn Buehrer, and walked over to my own seedy,...
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This is for Dennis Shay, who's clamoring for more grammar lessons. It's an installment of my weekly grammar column, which ran in October (as will be evident by the dated references in the lede). I certainly hope at least one person enjoys it! * * *   A Word, Please  By June Casagrande  Our banks...
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It was months ago, but I still can't get over it: A Pasadena Star-News reporter was on the phone, interviewing me about the new book. It was a very casual conversation in which we talked about my hobbies, my TV viewing habits, and my cats. When the subject turned to grammar, she asked: "Are...