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The best salespeople are systematic in their approach to their job, while ordinary salespeople are haphazard.  That's one of the reasons why they are the best. We know that sophisticated routine work is best accomplished by implementing effective systems.  McDonald's, for example, didn't...
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Address on Peace Originally presented to The Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Ethics Annual Peace Conference. (They were not happy):   Good Afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen, Men and Women of, as they say, Good Will:   Before I begin, let me reduce the entire text of this speech to five...
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Julie Anne Long is hosting a blog party all about deadlines. I've thrown in my two cents worth and rather than making you read it here, too, I'll just paste in Mr. Link: http://www.redroom.com/blog/julie-anne-long/the-pop-til-you-drop-blog-pa... Hope that helps.