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My sister suggested I watch the show Lost beginning with season 1.  I started it three days ago and cannot stop thinking about  their characters problems, their lives before the plane crash, and analyzing how they are using their coping mechanisms to survive the situation they are in.  First of...
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Check out my updated blog at http://www.andreaaskowitz.com
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Publishing a book is like having a baby. There is a lengthy gestation period, with the author growing increasingly uncomfortable and impatient as the due date nears. Egos, like pregnant body parts, swell and deflate. Well-meaning relatives, friends and acquaintances constantly inquire about the...
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No one has mentioned the influence of the film, Juno, on impressionable teenagers in the press reports of the 17 Gloucester, Massachusetts high school alleged "pact" pregnancies that have captured recent headlines ("Teen 'pregancy pact'suspected," www.latimes.com, June 20, 2008...
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For months now, on my own blog, I've avoided writing about the one major event that is changing my life more dramatically than any other: pregnancy. Part of it has come from a desire for privacy--and because a first time mother gets enough unsolicited advice to start her own advice column. Another...
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January 28th 2008Stomach Pat Count: 6 (Virtual Pat: 1) Press Release Unborn Baby Supports Liar's DiaryIn a surpise prenatal visit, the fetus of Shaun Landry redacted any heatbeat sounds and instead released this statement via Stethoscope: My mom cannot wait to read The trade paper release of the...
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January 26th 2008Stomach Pat Count: 5 Watching CNN is indeed my favorite station in these times of no new shows and the elections. You can get all the drama of 24 or Law and Order (without Fred Thompson now) that you can ever ask for. Tonight has been lush with dramatic goodness. CNN Pundit:...
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Tuesday January 23rd 2008 Stomach Pat Count to date: Two. My favorite Thai close to me is Basil on Folsom Street San Francisco. It is my Ladies Who Lunch. Bring the friend. Bring the client. Get out of the home office. Off to Basil to "perp some mayhem" and light conversations on...
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January 21st 2008: On Sunday January 20th it was official. In an impromptu pregnancy stick buying journey to Walgreens on 9th and Market I found out in front of the panel submission board of The San Francisco Improv Festival that I was pregnant. There is really no way to keep this information...