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Wine, Women and Song: Join Deborah Grabien and Laura Anne Gilman for two events, one in the East Bay, one in the Haight-Ashbury!   Sunday, October 25, at 3:00 PM, at CLAYTON BOOKS, 5433D Clayton Road, Clayton, CA 94517   Wednesday, October 28, at 7:00 PM, at the SAN FRANCISCO PUBLIC...
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So here we go: the second JP Kinkaid mystery, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, hits the street on 15 September. That means it's time to mentally get into a full lotus tuck, tell the universe and my Inner PR Wonkesse "Namaste", and get my head into the space for pushing the book. Of course,...
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Just a reminder: I'll be doing a 2-hour guest spot on FCC-free Radio Sunday, 23 August, from 12-2 PM. (Yes, that's FCC-free, so I can say whatever I want.) Will be talking upcoming books, music, cats and good stuff!If you're in the Bay Area, you can listen live at 107.3 on your FM radio. If you don...
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This New York Times articlemade me wish I were heading through Heathrow this week, not just to visit London but to check out the airport’s writer-in-residence: author Alain de Botton, (How Proust Can Change Your Life and The Art of Travel). As the Times reports, the gig was orchestrated by Heathrow...
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I just signed on to Dan Janal's PR Leads Service (http://www.prleads.com). For $99 per month, he regularly emails you a list of queries by reporters looking for specific ideas or quotes for articles. You can pick and choose who you respond to. Sounds very promising.
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If you are writing a nonfiction book, you need to know one word: platform. Not only do you need to know what it means, you need to know how to build a big, strong, wide one for yourself and for your book to stand upon. Fiction writers need a platform, too, as do both self-published and...
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  So, we had a really nice event at Clayton Books on Saturday, complete with a contest, all-access laminates, food (made by me), bellinis, and a live music jam to close out the day. In yet another "DAMN, I love my publicist!" moment, R&RNF was featured as the promo giveaway book...
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This morning I was interviewed at a program here named, Quality Time. Time? Exactly 4 (four) minutes. Well, four minutes is much more than 4 seconds. I decided to go for the ride. Indeed it was fun. One good point was that I was given the questions well in advance. So I came ready, after a good...