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My house is for sale.  No, not the house I live in or the house I own, but the house I covet, the house I long for.  I know you aren’t supposed to covet your neighbor’s wife or your neighbor’s house, but I really love this one.  It’s for sale now and it’s breaking my heart that I can...
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  After the trip to Texas, I have been talking straight to my id: Snap out of it! Life braids random sorrows and beauties, and then it dumps them on you, ready or not. This bundle in my arms is mine. Take it, hold it close. It’s the one chance I get. On Saturdays, the floral department blows...
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If I win I'll give it to the victims of Hurricane Sandy chuck all my worldly goods and hike the AT buy my brother and sister-in-law a house not quit my job quit my job still finish law school travel the world buy my church a new building save my town's swimming pool pay off all my bills buy a new...