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The time has come to enter in the nobel house of Slytherin with windows shielding deep lake beds and emerald hangings overhead. Today I wore the Sorting Hat and no longer would I combat my true place amongst the green of the cunning serpent scene.
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Did you by chance try to buy any eBooks from Amazon’s US Kindle store on Tuesday 27 March? If you did you were probably amazed to find that everything you clicked on said: “This title is not currently available in the US”. Wondered what was wrong? Well, here’s the reason. Ever since her massive...
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Pottermore and JK Rowling and the whole Harry Potter crew will be open for full business on the Internet in April 2012. And what a business it is! The web site will be up and Harry Potter eBooks will be for sale. Just wave your wand.   (Photo: Chester Everglott / Pottermore FB)An image from...
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 Rowling's Pottermore Inks Deal with Google  Harry Potter’s next adventure will be in the cloud. Google officials and author J.K. Rowling announced today that when Rowling’s new Web site Pottermore.comgoes live in October, U.S. visitors will be able to store their Harry Potter e-books in their...
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Pottermore  Pottermore: Interesting But Not a Game Changer By Rachel Deahl When J.K. Rowling revealed Thursday that her previously announced Pottermore Web site would be a portal to get additional stories and information about the Harry Potter universe, as well as the sole place to buy heretofore...
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that is the question.  But what is the answer?  As I think about this, I feel like I am in the 1980s all over again when trying to decide whether to go with a Betamax or a VHS player/recorder.  Everything that we had read about the differences said the Betamax was far superior, yet in the...
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Whether or not this is JK Rowling's brainchild, it is indeed genius. From the video which heralds this concept, to the slow and orderly transition from page to internet, this avenue for reader interaction is superb. And I accentuate the term "reader". Rowling has done more for readers,...