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There are some changes coming in GF posts, one temporary, and at least one permanent. I've been hesitant to enter this stage of self disclosure, but my family life with the missus has entered a new phase, one that has ironically drawn us closer together - - she has been stricken with an extremely...
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I've been thinking about the differences about the sorts of writing that I do. Really, you reply. You've been thinking? How unusual. You never think.  And now you're going to post about it? Wow, are you on drugs? To which I answer, smart ass. Anyway, I've been thinking. I tend to post several...
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One of my favorite authors is Studs Turkel, and my favorite Turkel books are "Working" and "The Good War".  I started thinking about this yesterday as I waited for my wife in a store. In some manner, my blog posts are part of a period piece. I blog about the mundane details of an average...
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 "  INFOGRAPHIC: When To Post On FacebookPosted by Jackie Cohen  The best time to post on Facebook depends on which analyst you ask, or so it seems. The topic has evolved into a science, which makes the title of the infographic you see here so appropriate. Saturday at noon is the absolute best...
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Since joining Facebook last year, I’ve come to realize that there are two basic types of FB users: those who post about politics, the birds in their backyard, the funny things their children say – and those who use FB to sell themselves. This second group, the self-promoters, invariably have a...
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Today you will learn how to *Conquer All Obstacles*. I'm going to share a HUGE tip that will allow you to Hit Over A Hundred Social Bookmarks With Just One Click (okay...make that 3 clicks). But first, there are some VERY IMPORTANT techniques that must be in place to ensure optimized search engine...
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  The other evening, I stumbled upon the tail-end of an Amazon forum where errors in novels were being discussed — and the venting readers were none too happy. I read through sixteen posts, bemused, somewhat dismayed, as plot errors were hashed from book covers not matching the story and character...
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