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I was fortunate (and exceedingly pleased) many years ago to see an exhibit of Kafka's personal correspondence. I did soooo much desire to have Maxwell's little silver hammer to break through the glass cases and snatch some away. There were letters and post cards (Kafka took many vacations and was a...
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I figured I'd start blogging on the finer points of this self-publishing journey I've been on for a while now, starting with book signings. Now, if there's one thing I don't like doing, it's going out making public appearances. I can be quite shy and introverted, especially in regards to my...
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June and July are gone, August is heading towards the double digits.  My novel is now on Kindle, and a friend made it her very first download on her new device.  Bless her, she put a review on Amazon.com!    I reconsidered the writing studio, since apparently I scared my Mom into changing her TV...
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Okay, I'm in full-blown prep mode!  I have firm word from my publisher, Open Books Press, that my novel YÜ will be available on Kindle starting July 1, and in print October 1. I chose my author photos today, which was marvelous fun.  My photographer gets 90% of her business from students at the...
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  Current mood:  trying not to think about it but it's impossible not too. I think Bon Jovi's Joey was in my head when I went to bed, it would account for a few things. lol. The less said about those things the better. So, it's Monday -...