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The Museum of Innocence by Orhan Pamuk     The Museum of Innocence is about Kemal, in his thirties and engaged, falling in love with and seducing his distant cousin, age 18, named Füsan. This occurs in the 1970s in Istanbul when “European” customs and morals were not commonly accepted....
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The Orchard Keeper, by Cormac McCarthy You may become puzzled trying to categorize McCarthy’s writing style, but you won’t find it hard at all to place it in the canon of Southern literature. McCarthy eventually moved on from this subset, his most famous books taking place in the Southwest U.S.,...
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The essay below is certainly worthy of the re-post, but I can only halfheartedly agree with the re-reading ethos. It's true that all good novels are home to subtleties and depths that can hardly be plumbed in one reading, or even in two. But I suspect the "security" issue is paramount here. That is...
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I know you've all noticed I've been quiet lately - and if you haven't can't you just play along? Seriously, why must you be so cruel? Anyway, the big 3-5 passed yesterday and I began a blog that waxed not-so-poetic about growing older, but a phone call in which my wife, 4 year old daughter, and 2...