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Life and I have been pretty chummy, not close friends but nodding acquaintances.  Life has kicked me a few times but not with those roundhouse moves that put others on the ground. Yet I have that negativity gene in me, the one that seems to rise up whenever it can.  Thinking about this...
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Work is trying to drag me down.  Conspiracy theorists dwell in my mind.  They like nothing better than silence and lack of responses from others to build mighty epics about what's going on elsewhere.  Management silence reigns at work, disturbing, foul silence.  My inner...
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I'd never thought of equinox as a word as being an equivalent to balance although that’s the essence of the word’s origins.  It worked almost perfectly for us in Ashland on autumn's first day, sunrise arriving just before seven AM and sunrise taking over twelve hours later at four minutes...
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Two boxes arrived for me this morning.  Danny Boyle sent them to me via Trance.  Trance is a psychological thriller.  Directed by Boyle, John Hodges and Joe Ahearne wrote the screenplay, it reminded me of Inception with its events within events style that renders you questioning...
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I've been going through deeper spiritual and self-awareness on Red Room for several months.  I've always written to understand myself and the attendant confusion and conflicts that arise from being a man married to a woman, coping with modern life and corporate employment, an aging person...
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Well...tomorrow my husband returns from his mother's funeral.  I cleaned house today.  I love clean floors, but it's not my calling in life, to clean them, that is.  The price we pay.  The irony.  My husband retired and got rid of the cleaning lady.  Not that she did all that much, but it certainly...