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Raised From the Ground, by Jose Saramago image via www.cleveland.com All writers - the ones who keep plugging away at their craft, that is - will eventually develop a style and voice uniquely theirs. I’m told that Raised From the Ground was the book that did it for Saramago, Portugal’s...
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Iberia is the Spanish peninsula so it refers to people from that region. My old dictionary speaks of an "Iberian race". Iberian also refers to those native to Portugal. But it gets confusing because the ancient Iberians were of the Caucasus region, which is east of Spain. But because the...
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Crypto means, "hidden, covered, secret" and a Crypto-Jew is one who practices Judaism in secret while professing another religious faith, usually Christianity. People throughout the world are finding that their ancestors were Crypto-Jews. During Spain, Portugal and Mexico's Inquisitions, many Jews...
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Moors from North Africa who conquered Spain and Portugal (called the Iberian Peninsula in the early 700's) gave refuge and opportunity to the Sephardic Jews and together they created and advanced Spain's "Golden Era", particularly in Seville, Cordova and Toledo. Philosophy, medicine, mathematics,...
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I invite you to visit my website and enjoy a FREE PREVIEW of the 1st two chapters The Blind Eye--A Sephardic Journey. It's satirical historical fiction--a new genre! http://marciafine.com/resources/blindeyechapters.pdf
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Sometimes we need to do a thing even if we’re scared, don’t you agree? Sometimes we feel in our gut that the action is the right even if others are saying it’s not. More and more as I age, I act upon how I feel and take my head out of the decision process. If what I’m about to do or say feels good...
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Half a Life, published a decade ago, is another one of Naipaul's spare, brooding tales that focuses on the lack of identity--cultural identity, really--that characterizes modern life. The novel begins with a kind of joke.  Willie Chandran was so named for W. Somerset Maughm who once met Willie...
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It’s Amstelredam; at least it used to be. Amstel is the correct name for the river that flows through the city, the “dam” part of the name refers to a dam (or dike) which Hollanders built in order to reside in this low lying seacoast area. Populated since ancient times, before the eleventh century...
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There is a Crypto-Jewish movement underway, particularly in the southwestern United States. The Internet is full of websites and interesting stories regarding modern day descendants of history’s hidden Jews. Judaism requires conversion and present day Rabbis are strict about it. Some of today’s...
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The surname “Roten” may have originally been Jewish. If the name originated from the old Sephardic name “Rotin”, it was eventually Anglicized to Wroughton, Wroten, etc. Many African Americans bear the Wroten name and are searching for their ancestral roots. Wroten/Roten family lines have left...