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I can only just now bring myself to write about this as my feelings are still very raw and sore, but five weeks ago today the vet came to our house and put down our dear old dog Polo. It was the most painful decision we’ve ever had to make as a family, however, without doubt, it was the right one....
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Our dear dog, Polo, has entered the sunset of his life. Although he’s been suffering with arthritis for some years now, over the past few months it’s really been taking its toll. It breaks our hearts to see him shrinking and deteriorating this way. He’s always been such a… well… such a dog. He came...
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 ............." Polo is karma. I believe. Its also about a way of life. People notice the frills but there is much more. It's dedication. It is love. It's care and it's passion. It  is about rewarding and it's teaching. Learning all along forever. And it's a great sorter: The shallow ones...