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The world changed tonight. A surely as it changed the day the Berlin wall came down. I am filled with such joy and amazement. My country has made a  wonderful, history-making choice. A choice that makes me feel hopeful. Hope, what a strange feeling for a pessimist like me. However, there's other...
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I remember the day Ike beat Stevenson, and how my parents and grandmother cried. "This country needs a President with brains!" Grandma said. I hope she's looking down at this! I feel like I can breathe again. We did it! My husband and I have been crying since the first...
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Today's voting experience was not what I expected. I was expecting this vote to be miserable. I felt disenfranchised, bullied out of my own party for daring to question the Will And Wisdom Of The Elder Boyz, and I still do. But I made it work for me. There was something intensely liberating about...
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It's a scary time in the world... While I haven't experienced too much of a change in freelance work, the following magazines and newspapers were hit pretty hard.  My question is when this will all reach at its low point and start moving back up!  While there are lots of publications suffering...
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It was a tough time to be out of the country, October 24th through November 2nd. Missing Halloween wasn't such a big deal--this was the first year my son was too old to care much. The hard part was the election, being gone for nine of the last eleven days of the campaign. It was a free trip, though...
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This is a short poem for election day.   as i drive northwardin early novembera diversity of colorexplodes against cloudsin a clearing autumn skywhile yellow kudzulike conservatismwithers on the vine
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It was as refreshing as a secret waterfall in the Sahara to see the FBI video of Democratic Massachusetts state Senator Denise Wilkerson stuffing part of a $23,000 payoff into her bra at Beacon Hill’s Fil- A- Buster restaurant under the shadow of Boston’s Capitol dome. Just for the sake of...
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``In an era when left-handedness was considered the devil's work and lefties were often forced to use their right hand, Leonardo was an unrepentant southpaw. It has been suggested that this "difference" was an element of his genius, since his detachment allowed him to see beyond the ordinary. He...
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Why did Giuliani drop out when he did? That's a question that's been bugging me. Sure he lost Florida, but he wasn't that far behind. And why did he back McCain? The first is at least partially answerable. I think someone ran the numbers and told him that even if he did win the nomination he'd...
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  "Patriotism is not pinning a flag pin to one lapel to free up both hands, so you can tear up the U.S. Constitution,"  Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. From newly released, must-see, independent film, "The Warning."