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Just heard from our temple secretary that the stained glass windows in both Temple Beth El, and in the synagogue, Heska Amuna, have been badly damaged by rocks that were thrown.   This is the first time such desecration has occurred in more than 100 years of our  existence here in town (50 years in...
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Okay. Just so you know: the Top Ten Comedic News Stories of the Year are as different from the Top Ten Legitimate News Stories of the Year as a tarantula infested banana tree is from a small paper bag of locking quarter- inch steel washers painted blue. Other stuff might have had a bigger impact on...
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Movie Review   Missing in America       Growing up is so hard under the best conditions, learning to walk, finding our balance as our bodies grow overnight into a different size,  finding friends, finding a niche in school society for twelve long years and, the list can go on with other obstacles...
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In 1995, I was living in the foothills outside of Sacramento. I was dabbling in the idea of doing something with my writing and going through that psychosis all writers experience- Am I any good? How do I know? Who will read it? Why won’t they read it?  So, I stumbled upon MGW Newspaper- which...
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Of all the things that have changed about America good and bad, one thing certainly hasn't: if there's money to be made on something, we will figure out a way to make it. It's all about seizing the opportunity when you get your fifteen minutes of fame. And lo and behold, one opportunistic man from...
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"Progressives cannot let up. The campaign now turns to pushing Democrats to enact the progressive agenda that they ran on and that the voters support.  Democrats have two years to show that they can pass bills that will help working people." Jim M. Cullen Editorial, "Center-...
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The hard-edged lack of kindness Gov. Palin emanated during her unsuccessful quest for the VP position is her most memorable trait.  Listening to her convention speech I tried to keep a distance but then she reeled me in with her patronizing schoolmarm voice.  She spoke of a bad word, "the S-...
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Their main concerns are things we don't think about, like the steepness and security of a rocky high place. Bears everywhere in the northern hemisphere are getting ready for the weather to make it impossible for them to eat by retiring to dens to wait out winter.  While they are doing this, events...
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Hello, Red Room readers. Although I'll be blogging here as well, my regular comments on the clash of cutures in America (yes, Virginia, there are red and blue people) are available as part of a blogalogue with Jay Sekulow (yes, Pat Robertson's top legal eagle) here.
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New Big Three Bailout…Shame on us if we loose American Manufacturing! http://www.semiotician.wordpress.com I was watching the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC a few days ago[11.19.08].  A great discussion between Debbie Stabenow[D-Michigan] and Ms. Maddow developed, discussing the state of the...