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I write for adults. I always have. Don’t get me wrong, I like children’s books. I got a kick out of Treasure Island, enjoyed The Hobbit (yes, it’s a children’s book; get over it), attended my seven years at Hogwarts, and love Carlos Ruiz-Zafón’s early novels. I’d even like to take a stab at the...
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I found this article by Tanya Hall quite interesting and decided it was worth sharing. You can find the original article at: http://ezinearticles.com/?The-Truth-Behind-Bestseller-Books-and-The-Syst... To learn more about its author, please visit: http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Tanya_Hall I...
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    BookRooster.com is an interesting service. You send them a MOBI (format for Kindle) file and they put a call on a community of over 3,000 readers to find ten reviewers to post a critique on amazon.com for $67 per book. Like many of these services, you get  an unbiased review...
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As I navigate the world of publishing (self-publishing in my case), I keep learning more about it. However, the more I understand it, the less it makes sense to me. Let me explain myself. Say an established house published your book. You are a freshman author and lets say–for argument’s sake–...