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Reuters photograph of Mitt Romney by Jim Young.   Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney at this point can claim with some justification that the media’s treatment of his “47 percent” comments, made at a private fundraiser in May in Florida, fall solidly in the category...
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"You're not as pretty as me." It was a simple, declarative statement. I knew what it meant and how to translate it: my three-year-old, wearing a new, comically puffy cloud of pink tutu for ballet class wanted to be fully admired. To my daughter, the bulging crinoline hands down, was the most...
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The hell is the deal with male politicians these days? Have they lost their minds? Guys, they're giving all us men a bad name. And with Charlie Sheen still on the loose, we need the negative publicity the way a platypus needs another spiny knob at the end of its tail. Maybe the reptilian core...