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Last week was a bit crazy for me on twitter, and not in a good way. Now you might be thinking "What could Jennifer do to make people not like her on twitter?" Oh man. You're about to find out. The past couple of weeks haven't been good for Mitt Romney. With the leaked video of him at a fundraising...
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It's the only thing I can think of.  It's either that or Sarah has not paid this guy for other speeches and Twitter posts.  If its not that this guy has a white robe in his closet and its not a Snuggie, either. Today Mrs. Palin stood in front of a brick fireplace and finally gave her eight...
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Today I read online a comment from a random virtual person regarding the shooting that occurred (posted on a news article on the death of a nine year old): "What about all the kids who get killed from hip hop." I'm not kidding. He logged on to say that. He spent the time to log on and...