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WHAT/WHEN: Esotouric's Spring series of special event guest hosted bus tours: "Maja's Mysteries: Rapture & Release" (March 20), "Crawling Down Cahuenga: Tom Waits' L.A." (April 3), John Buntin's L.A. Noir (April 10) WHERE: "Maja's Mysteries" and "L.A. Noir...
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I received this email and wanted to share it with you.   Jasmine In 2003, police in Warwickshire, England, opened a garden shed and found a whimpering, cowering dog. It had been locked in the shed and abandoned. It was dirty and malnourished, and had clearly been abused. In an act of kindness, the...
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Marlowe Black is my outrage, my anguish, but wasn't meant to be. I have read that a writer's protagonists and, too, his antagonists, are all facets of the writer's personality. While I willingly accept the former, I stand in clear denial of the latter. The internet age had become a living entity,...
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Having grown up in the military with my father, then being a soldier most of my life and finally a civilian supporting the military, I can say that Thanksgiving has very special meaning to me.              During this time of year I would find a place that is quiet and reflect back on my past...
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It's 7.20 p.m here on the south coast of England and I'm just breaking off in the middle of writing to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans.  We don't have this day in England, but maybe we should.  So here's my chance to say 'thank you' to all members of our armed forces both in the UK and...
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Detective Annod enter the little greasy spoon, a restaurant know for it’s sordid devant behaviors and activities.  Everyone knew it for a sleazy dive. What ever you needed you could always get it from the Grill & Serve.  The patrons were looking peaked, the booze was flowing as a fast running...
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     Officer Adams was kind of a country boy. Out on a patrol one day he noticed a black Monte Carlo going through an intersection, failing to come to a complete stop. Turning on the flashing blues (okay reds depending on your location), he pulled the motorist over and cautiously approached the...
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        To thoroughly discuss the issue of gun violence in America or anywhere, one would need thirty to forty pages instead of seven to eight paragraphs, but I'll try to consolidate. The statistics of gun related violence in the U.S. are absolutely staggering. In one study, it was found that 3012...
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Such a pretty girl and I did not put up her photograph. It was deliberate. The good-looking dead grab more newsprint and TV space because we need a relief from eyesores of calamities and tragedies even if they come in the form of victims. Especially if they are victims. Our sorrow can get...
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Here is a link to a website where more than 1000 service members, military, police, and firefighters list their publications. These are the men and women who make it possible for us to enjoy freedom and a safe society. http://www.military-writers.com/army/larry_schliessmann.html