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Watching a big drug bust downtown from my car. Latino-looking guy in a BMW. A uniform stopped him, but he was immediately surrounded by a phalanx of plainclothes fuzz, one wearing a balaclava. Then another copper arrives with a drug-sniffing mutt, who goes beserk over the car -- in & out all...
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This book’s goal is not only to entertain the reader, but to show how God’s grace works through the toughest times in life, change the hardest hearts, and forgive the worst of crimes. This is a pretty tall order, but author Jerry Jenkins knows how to cook up a great feast in reading as millions...
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In a lawless area of Mexico where police officers frequently quit because of low pay and high risks, where police chiefs and mayors are regularly murdered, and where drug cartels seem to be in control, one town’s solution to these problems is more remarkable than any movie I’ve ever watched. The...
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My detective Sammy Shovel series is being published. The first, An Adventurous Night, will be out mid November. It introduces my protagonist, Sammy Shovel. Not being a police detective, he finds the "why" all the killing and mayhem take place. This first one is filled with Christmas...
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PLEASE visit Kickstarter to learn about my new project ORIENT. It's all about creating a new anthropology for Asians and Blacks in this country.
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It's amazing what sticks out in your mind when you're only 3 years-old.  I firmly believe that in order for a human being of that age to remember something until adulthood, that they can recollect into a coherent thought process on paper or even in a blog, it would take something profound to have...
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BART Police Commander Dan Hartwig stood in a Walnut Creek gas station as discreetly as he could for a man as tall as Mount Diablo. Square-jawed, buffed, he seemed the icon of the old-school super cop. He watched stoically as competing rallies across the street argued over the professional soul...
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There are some white folks, who just don’t need to be in law enforcement, end of story. Certainly, I could grandly discuss the high profile cases of white police officers punching out black women. I could easily lament about how a white police officer was given a slap on the wrist for shooting a...
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This past weekend my daughter Laura and I took a trip to Southern California because we needed some quality dad-daughter car time. We also visited four universities Laura is considering attending. We had trouble getting around LA because several downtown streets were closed for the Amgen Tour of...
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To get a sense of the fundamental injustice of Arizona's anti-immigration bill, SB 1070, consider something that happened recently, and something that didn't--neither of them in Arizona, but rather in Nashville, Tennessee. Earlier this week, because our children were out of school for teacher in-...