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Yesterday I gave a talk to a packed audience of the U3A group in Waterloovile, Hampshire  about my crime novels and how I write my  police procedural marine mystery crime novels featuring Inspector Andy Horton and my thrillers .  They were a great crowd and I was delighted to answer their questions...
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A new video has been uploaded to my official web site, my You Tube Channel and here.  In this latest video, I'm talking to Rob Richardson about the creation of my detective, Inspector Andy Horton who features in my marine mystery police procedural crime novels set in the Solent area on the South...
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Joining me, Pauline Rowson, at a unique event will be four acclaimed crime writers, Simon Brett, June Hampson, Graham Hurley and Peter Lovesey along with experts from the Crime Scene Investigation team and Fingerprinting Bureau of Hampshire Constabulary and experts from the International Centre for...
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Isis Publishing, the World’s leading publisher of unabridged audio books, has bought the rights to the fourth in the marine mystery British police procedural crime series featuring Inspector Andy Horton called Dead Man’s Wharf. Dead Man’s Wharf will be released in CD, cassette and as a download...
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I did this Q & A session recently for the Chichester Book Club web site and thought you might like to read it here. It's based on the third novel in the Andy Horton marine mystery crime series, The Suffocating Sea, which is available in paperback and as an unabridged audio book and e book. How...
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Death Dance is my 17th novel and the 13th in my humorous Rafferty & Llewellyn crime series. Have also finished Deadly Reunion, which will come out in 2011.
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A close neighbour of mine  on the south coast of England, author Isabel Ashdown, has launched an innovative new website called the Chichester Book Club, dedicated to introducing readers to books and authors in their region and she very kindly asked me to be one of the featured authors. Chichester...
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Having used up tons of scraps of paper (re-cycled from having to print off reams of previous manuscripts) and having almost worn my pencil down to a stub, not to mention making my office look like a waste paper tip, I am now a great deal happier with the plot of the next Andy Horton police...
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In this new short video clip I'm discussing how I research my police procedural marine mystery crime novels featuring my flawed and rugged detective, Inspector Andy Horton. You can listen to this and more video clips here on my Red Room page, on my official web site or on my You Tube Channel.
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I just wanted to say 'thank you' to everyone who has visited my author page on Red Room because the number of visits to my profile page has hit the 30,000 mark.  I have no idea how this compares with other authors and no doubt some very well known authors, including those in the best seller lists,...