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"Your Mallarmé article is terrific," my husband said, emerging from the WC.  I thought I'd hidden it. Only received my copy of the Poetry Review fall issue last week, and on rereading the essay, I was disappointed. I buried the magazine under several layers of paper on my work surface. I would...
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(Originally posted at Hawaii Pacific Review.) By Anasin Beth Conner Dianna Henning’s collection of poetry, The Broken Bone Tongue, journeys to the marrow of human emotion and experience, contemplating grief and loss, personal discovery, love and family, and the beauty and mystery of the natural...
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Here is a review of 100 Love Sonnets published at Mexconnect.com: Lorenzo Press, 2010 Available from Amazon Books: Paperback e-book available from www.lorenzopress.com "Well," you might be asking, "just what does a book titled 100 Love Sonnets have to do with Mexico?" "A lot," I might answer, "...
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  Review published in Gently Read Literature, 2009 Pamela Uschuk is the author of four volumes of poetry as well as numerous chapbooks, and has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, Her work has been translated into a dozen languages.  She has been featured at international conferences, has...