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Time and technology march on, leaving us with drawers full of antiquated gadgets. Still, this is important news for readers and book marketers. The world is all about mobility now, mobile devices that can do more and more. Soon you'll be able to read books, watch streaming TV and movies, in...
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I made a lot of claims in my last post about letting you know what was upcoming for the blog, and instead spent the whole time talking books (well, that is rather the point, isn't it?). So catch up quick on the last post, and then realize this is only a preview.  Before the end of the year and...
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    I've been spreading the news around, but in case I missed you, or you missed the news, I've recorded an audio book of my latest, Sam's Place: Stories. You can buy them one at a time or as a complete book HERE (I'm betting you'll be hooked after the first file), and...
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Every day writers complain to me about how they (1) don’t want to promote themselves and (2) don’t have time to do everything I suggest they do when it comes to promotion. If you work smarter rather than harder, though, you can actually take one written promotional piece and, with just a bit of...
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2012 Guest blogs: "Do's and Don'ts of Author Self-Promotion" -  on Morgen Bailey's writing blog. Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event  I did a guest post on host author K.T. Grant's blog on lesbian protagonists in science fiction and fantasy. Whatever: The Big Idea: Silver Moon "Writing...
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I think I do the best that I can do with what I have to offer.  If it's writing, I try my best to keep things real and lively.  I am toying with some audio pieces to go with my poetry.  It's real cool.  I already did some video projects with my shorter poems that I am...
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My latest podcast gives away all the secrets of the professional writer's trade. This follows previous podcasts about researching, structuring and plotting your book. Download my other podcasts here.
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I'm launching my new Podcast called The Man of Twists and Turns today. It'll include interviews with writers and discussions of my own creative process for my books about Palestinian detective Omar Yussef, Mozart and Caravaggio. It’s a podcast about writing for writers and for readers who love good...
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Good news for readers and authors alike. E-readers are on the rise and digital books are increasing in popularity. I love this news. When I started writing,  epubs were are small niche groups with high hopes. i still wen this route because I liked what I saw, i also found myself consuming more...
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I have posted on my website many interviews and podcasts. You can find these  on my website under "Interviews/Podcasts". You can also click "continue reading" and access a direct link to my site.  The "Go here" sometimes displays the link, sometimes not...  Go here ...