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If you're curious about "how we got from there to here" in the current financial crisis, you could do far, far worse than to listen to TOXIE, the podcast of the Nov. 5, 2010 edition of THIS AMERICAN LIFE.  As a bonus, it will also provide an opportunity for you to recoup some of your tax...
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Over and over again I've heard industry experts use the term "virtual book tour." I've even used it myself. It's time to offer up some really hard core information on how to set up a virtual book tour, so all authors can create one for themselves. I've asked Sue Collier, co-author with...
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  I mentioned that I met with a group of readers from Little Rock a week or so ago. One of the members has written to my U.S. publicist to find out how to arrange a visit. (How I would enjoy that! This was a lively and fun-loving group: a pleasure to be with.) At the top of her letter was this...
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Well on my blog Talk About My Favorite Authors I've got a special author interview with romance author Margay Leah Justice. I was contacted by her a couple of weeks ago about her doing a guest blog about her romance novel Nora's Soul and an author interview. Well her guest blog was posted last...
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I'm now a podcaster!  At the suggestion of my publisher I've started podcasts now to help promote my book.  The new podcast version of UnBreak Your Health will feature one therapy each program.  My first show was on osteopathy with the dean of the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, the...
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I'm jealous of my time.  Most authors feel the same way. Anything that takes away from creating that work-in-progress feeds my nervous tic. Yet the best books in the world never stand a chance without that "P" word getting a workout.  Talking about promotions, guys.  Book promotion, self-...