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Flashbacks in novels cause time and space confusion with readers and rip apart the finely woven dream created in the here and now of the real story time. Flashbacks outside of writing are another thing entirely.  I joined Red Room in 2008 and never bothered to refresh my bio information I...
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I won! Just now. Seriously. Minutes ago. I saw the final terms of the contract. Today I win a national publisher.  Follow your bliss. Not until I started teaching plot to writers did I completely understand the deeper meaning of those words. Not lead or trot alongside but follow. Passion is all...
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  In the universal story, every quest involves a separation; the initiate leaves what is comfortable and familiar and ordinary and enters the unknown. Thresholds symbolize the space between leaving and before beginning something new. All beings on earth cross this line at pre-determined stages...
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I recently perused the stacks for reading material with several writer friends. One of them picked up a book and exclaimed, "Does it have a plot? I'm not reading one more book without a plot!"When I first started teaching plot to writers more than six years ago and then writing about plot...
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Writing a story often comes in drafts. Each draft / layer is determined by your own personal writing preference.  Some writers write their entire first draft in dramatic action. Character emotional development comes later. Meaning comes later still. Others begin with character. Still others start...