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I look forward to Friday the 13ths. Well, I don’t know if I look forward to them so much as I like when they happen. I welcome them. I’m superstitious about some things, but not Friday the 13th (knock-on-wood). So happy Friday the 13th to you! Today is a number day: 7-13-12. Hmm…what sort of number...
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Today the muse is Keiko Amano, her blogs and our exchanges. It came to me at work in a moment. It felt playful and fun. I quickly took a pencil and scribbled quickly on a post-it note in pencil and slipped it into my satchel. ** All this talk about Howl        SOund of...
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Nothing escapes the jaws of Chloe the Pit Bull pup. Since her teething stage as a little puppy she has graduated from soft chewy chew toys to hard rubber toys like the Dogzilla line and still manages to pulverize most of them with her super strong jaws and teeth. Toys don't last with Chloe and...