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To tell or not to tell? “Oh my God, you look fabulous!” all six of us exclaim to our friend, Jennifer, whose wedding is in two days. We’re gathered for her pre-bridal party at a tony restaurant in NYC and we haven’t seen the “bride-to-be-second-time-around” for over three years while she was...
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May 17, 2011   Barbie - the perfect "person" with the perfect life and no worries, enjoying the career of her choice and perpetually engaged to Ken. Maybe you think everything went well for her because of her looks. Do you see good looks as good luck?. Hard to believe but there are...
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As a result of a year-long flirtation with an interesting man at work, I was waist-deep in a self-improvement makeover by the time I discovered that my "new friend" was years younger than I was. The age difference caught me by surprise, but it was too late to back out. I was already...
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(Originally posted on my site's guestbook on August 17, 2010.) I had the pleasure of interviewing Frank in February of '09. I have to admit, I went in prepared to dislike him for all the giant boobs he's given to girls out there in LA like Heidi...but Frank was so much more than that plastic...
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By the time I was twenty six I had already begun to feel some of the uncanny influences that come with society. I remember one day in particular being bugged down in the car park of a twenty floor building struggling to change a punctured tire on my car. The job seemed to take longer than normal...
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I've wanted to start a blog on Red Room ever since I learned that members can post blogs. However, I don't have a good current picture of myself right now. I've never been fond of getting my picture taken. I've always envied women like Princess Grace, Audrey Hepburn, Oona Chaplin, and Jacqueline...