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No matter who you are or where you live or what you drive or whether you thought The English Patient or Anchorman 2 the funnier movie, it is time to take a stand on plastic bread. Here’s a hint: most of us are against it. Formaldehyde rinsed coffee beans? Not big fans. Flame retardants in our...
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"Do you need a bag?"   There is a tone of warning in the question.  In fact, if you listen closely, you will hear that the stress is on "need" and not "bag".  That is how the cashier signals that the question is intended as a warning, and not an offer.  The look on the cashier'...
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Dear Ocean, I was so sorry to hear about the accident. My heart goes out to you and your family members. I've been hearing how awful your first medical team has been, so I’m glad you got a second opinion to make sure you get the care you need. How can I help? I can write letters to people who know...
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     “I recycle.  I’m a good citizen.”  The puppy performs her best sit-at-attention stance.  Well-deserving of a treat to the average eye, but I’ve grown attuned to her devious ways.       “I know you are, dear.  You’re just plain good at everything.”      “I eat as much of that nasty plastic as...
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Some time ago,my friend at RR, Sumathi Mohan ,wrote a blog about plastic bags and their effect on soil.She also initiated what she calls "a silent revolution" which  is: "we say no to plastic ; silently or  noisily  I return the plastic bag to the shop keeper and tell him about my...
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Beyond the seas of plastic lies the truth of reality. Brad Hess and Larry Schliessmann Maybe it's not an Earth shattering profound revelation, but we authors were but boys when we created it. Although if memory serves, Brad was not happy with my addition. Wonder if he remembers the occasion. Oh,...