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I wrote two weeks ago about my poodle, Willie, being attacked by a pit bull, Hugo. Animal Control came out and took our statement then, but said they could not really do anything unless he attacked other dogs!  I had heard Hugo attacked another dog down the street, so I walked down and asked...
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John Lennon's quote, "Life is what happens when you're making other plans," rams into me as a truth perhaps too often. Just over a week ago, my wife Ann and I planned to grab dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant. In the car a half-block down the street, we saw three people surrounding two giant...
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I’ve always described myself as a pet owner advocate, one who figuratively speaks for dogs and cats and translates for their owners. But I never realized that I’d serve as a spokesperson in the more literal sense. Last August I was contacted by a local defense attorney about a dog bite case that...
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Holy cats! er...dogs! I didn't realize it's been so long since blog updates. Please forgive the delay, but I have been busy. And this installment is (mostly) about the dogs, and all about helping pets. The American Pit Bull Terrier book will be released August 30, YEE-HAW! It's available for pre-...
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The month of November had me running , and I'm still playing catch-up. First, the BIG NEWS-- I've a new book contract! This is a breed book on the American Pit Bull Terrier, and is due January 1st, so I'm typing like the wind to meet  my deadline. I spent the weekend before Thanksgiving in White...