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Seems as if the days of forelock-tugging are over. It's as if all is thought about Pippa is her taut bum and her in-laws. Which is a good combination to me. However, Pippa seems to hold her own. Still, that was a pretty steep advance ... for advice. Pippa MiddletonBAUER-GRIFFIN...
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The Royal family do not wish sister-in-law, Pippa Middleton,  to tour and talk on her book promotion. Me - I would keep on the good side of the Royal family. Better friends with HM than enemies. The eventual prospects will be better.     A photo from Pippa's book makes it clear this...
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Slowly I begin to understand why it took William such a long time to marry Kate: the package came with a sister-in-law, Pippa. We all know it: the state presents you with brothers- and sisters-in-law and they come along for free. News items about Pippa’s life sound like scenes from Enid Blyton’s...
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Nothing against the lady (my eyes were riveted like millions of others). And - of course - we won't whisper about her family connections for - surely - that had no reason in the contemplation of this book deal. And I am - of course - glad she "... has been setting aside several hours a day to...
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The battle’s between the rear and the mouth. Pippa Middleton is now known only in hindsight, or as hind site. Ridiculous as it may seem, the new Duchess of Cambridge’s sister has an Ass Appreciation Society that boasts over 200,000 members dedicated to her. They will celebrate her ‘day’...