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My story “The World, the Flesh, and the Devil” is in the current issue (#57) of IMAGE: Art, Faith, Mystery, along with an essay on the language of the Gospels by Franz Wright and an interview with Ron Hansen. An online interview that touches on the subject matter and creation of the story is posted...
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I recently received the following pleasant email from none other than Good George Brosi, editor of the excellent Appalachian Heritage. Geo writes: "Dear Pinckney, Congratulations! Your story, 'Joe Messinger is Dreaming,' is a winner of a 2007 Plattner Award for Outstanding Fiction...
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The January/February 2008 number of the invaluable Bloomsbury Review carries a very nice notice - written by Mark Budman, publisher and editor of the flash fiction 'zine Vestal Review, to which you should all flock and submit your flashes - about Surreal South, the anthology that Laura and I...