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Now that my fiancé Kathi Kamen Goldmark has come up with her “million dollar idea” (note to Kathi: we talk in trillions, now) to invent a hybrid car that runs on pigeon droppings, I feel I can prepare for my new life as one of the world’s wealthiest people. Why? Well, first, I’m going to be married...
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Those of you who read Sam Barry's blog, The Daily Sam undoubtedly know that the man is overly-concerned, perhaps even obsessed, with hunting down and destroying the pigeons who think they own our house. But it's not really the pigeons that are the problem. Sure, they're noisy. Sure, they're stupid...
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I’ve gotten some great suggestions regarding the pigeon crisis we are facing in the world today (and especially at my house). Consultant Jim Seybert suggests I should scare the pigeons away by playing the harmonica in their vicinity, thus utilizing one of my passions (some might say obsessions) as...
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I don’t know if I can last much longer. My knuckles hurt from banging on the window. My throat is soar from yelling. But no matter what I do, they keep landing on the roof just outside my bedroom window. I know what they are up to out there, cooing at each other, dancing in little circles, carrying...