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  October 24   BIRTH OF AN APPLE     When an apple gives birth what is the result?   Seed or sauce?  Crunch or crisp?  The act of creation is so much an act of sacrifice, how can it be limited to only one kind of delivery?  The children of effort produce...
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Note: I hope I can post this blog. My connection to Red Room has been acting up and I have not been able to be as interactive with all my friends as  I would like to be. So here goes............. Blog: Blog the day away..........wish I could. But the article on Dunsandle Castle weighed heavily on...
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Wisconsin is not known for its blueberry production, which means you’re in for a sweet surprise when discovering a patch. Before this month ends, cars will clog the pathways of Cain’s Orchard, which also grows grapes and at least two dozen varieties of apples. Up to 3,000 people travel from as far...