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Nick Herbert generously posted the following on his blog, http://quantumtantra.blogspot.com/2010/11/sward.html for more on Nick Herbert, physicist, author, explorer: http://members.cruzio.com/~quanta/ Met prolific Santa Cruz poet Robert Sward at Alan Lundell's beach house birthday party a few...
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I spent the rest of that day and evening, reviewing the questions I wanted answered in no specific order. Why was I the ‘chosen one’ to be introduced to that Vicki hologram? What did they give me in the infirmity to continue my sensation of weakness and nausea? Who was that little white coated imp...
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      Dr. Michio Kaku; NY Times Best-selling Author of 'Physics of the Impossible' was my recent guest on the 'Judy Joy Jones Show'. Professor Kaku is a physicist whose String Theory is changing the world of science. He and his colleague; Stephen Hawkins; whose taken over Sir Isaac...