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The Workshops Issue of Able Muse (Summer 2009) is now online at: http://www.ablemuse.com with: - FEATURED ARTISTS : Terri Graham, Andy Dolphin- FEATURED POET : Jennifer Reeser(INTERVIEWED BY: Tim Murphy)-POET SPOTLIGHT : Catherine Chandler(INTRODUCTION BY: Tim Murphy) POETRY:Dennis Loney, Rachel...
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Check out my home blog today for a collection of photos from my trip to Ireland.  The theme today:  animal encounters.   Here's the link: http://www.gypsysguide.com/2009/06/photo-friday-encounters-in-ireland.html Ciao!
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  Photographs from my "Bicycles" series and a story, Fly Me to the Moon, are up at the brand new, shiny, The Bicycle Review. Take a ride over.  
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Take a Peek.
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Last month I sold my first photograph. I've been taking pictures for about two years now, but just recently began showing them publicly. This was my first show. This morning I was telling a friend about the sale and she said, "Congratulations! You're a photographer!" Well, no, not really...
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Literary origami.... more fun than the prize in the Cracker Jack® box. Download issues and see assembly video here.
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Our roof's in a bit of a bad way at the moment (understatement of the century), and it's going to need extensive repairs (and when I say 'extensive', I really mean 'expensive'). Having said that, the need to get the roof looked at produced some lovely shots of the view from amongst our chimney...
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I was feeling a little sentimental the other day, and this song kept running through my head... so here's a little homage to the United States of America -- the land I call "home."This Land is Your Land words and music by Woody GuthrieThis land is your land, this land is my landFrom...
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Years ago, my love for photography came on strong—it traipsed into my life like a memorable song, sashaying in, swinging her coattails, and purring a delectable melody. For me, the lure of the lens is unavoidable and its magic unforgettable. Photography and the world it opens up to share is part of...
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My interview came out three days before the photo exhibition opened. Sterling enjoyed the profile, and even purchased one of John’s prints. John gave me a call. The Swiss Ambassador was hosting a posh cocktail reception and preview at the embassy. He could get me in as his guest. “It’s time you...