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No, this isn’t meant to be insulting to anyone. But as someone who has listened to thousands of phone messages at work and at home, I wish there was a little more common knowledge on this topic. Here's what I wish that knowledge was: 1) The person you're leaving the message for is completely at...
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“Press 1 for English,” she says. This part doesn’t bother me – it’s just pressing a number, which isn’t very hard or even inconvenient. From there it gets dicey. Ever since the automated voice menu ladies of the world banded together and decided they’d like to have conversations with us, things...
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Yesterday, Michael and I talked about how four years ago things were different because he did not have an iPhone.  Now, as I explained to him, he says good morning and good night to it before he does me.  He can check his work calendar from it, and he likes to know when meetings have been moved...
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HANG UP THE PHONE!  10 to 15 years ago, the number of people who owned a cell phone was much less than it is today.   I can remember having a cell phone when many people didn’t.  However, post-9/11 has made having a cell a necessity. I know this is true, being a person born and raised in New York...