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My first novel, PALIMPSEST, is forthcoming (early 2010) by Arcadia, an imprint of Australian Scholarly Publishing. The blurb Palimpsest is a book about high ideals and low obsessions, truth and identity, immigration, nationality and race; about what we believe and what happens when belief...
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I have watched a number of friends, family members, and public officials over the past few years argue with themselves about how much they do or do not believe in love because they, in some terrified hour, had reached the conclusion that without forgiveness there can be no love and forgiveness is...
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  You do not need to leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen.Do not even listen, simply wait. Do noteven wait, be quite still and solitary.The world will freely offer itself to youto be unmasked, it has no choice. It willroll in ecstasy at your feet. - Franz Kafka´
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The monk in the saffron robes waited for the morning alms. He waited but he knew they would not come. The people in the castle before him did not need anything. Yet still he waited. He observed the iron gates. He knew gates similar to these once, in another life. He wondered, having been on the the...
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Eileen “I was driving my son to a birthday party this afternoon and he said, “Mom, I am sorry I did not feel like working around the house this morning”. I said, “Welcome to adulthood”. He said, “Wait one minute, that has nothing to do with adulthood”. And, I said, “Yes, you are right. It has to...
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I'm researching various historical figures - subjects of the poems in "Bloody Heaven", my new poetry book-in-progress - and I was interested to find that there's a lot more to Pythagoras than infernal triangles...   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pythagoras  "One of Pythagoras's...
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Spinning is a lot like life. You put a lot of real effort into it. Your heart races. Your tendons burn. You exhaust yourself mentally and physically. You have an instructor push you to give more and dip into your gut to push yourself harder and harder. In the end after the sweat and tears and...
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I've always suspected that the religions of the world all boil down to the basic premise of the Golden Rule.  Now I finally have proof.  Well, not proof exactly, but the authors of Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar...Understanding Philosophy Through Jokes had the discipline that I lacked to find...
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The Law of Distraction and InterruptionTM Joe Carroccio, publisher of the Arizona Good Life Newspaper, asked me to tape an interview for his new Internet radio show, The Law of Distraction and Interruption. We've known each other for years from my former days in Phoenix, where he's based (...
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K of G I have the idea of a perfect godThis is immediate knowledge, namely, the idea is innate.Ideas are either from within or from withoutIdeas from within are either composed of lesser things or are given by own exampleIdea of god is not composed of lesser things and I do not exemplify it.It has...