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  Who is Stephen F. Kaufman?   Many publishers and agents have difficulty in coming to terms with determining what my “platform” actually is and have asked me to elucidate on my work. “He writes about martial arts philosophy, management strategy and motivation, Taoism, fighting techniques,...
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Excerpt from Hanshi Damashi, an exposition to expound the philosophy that maintained the structure of Japanese society for nearly one thousand years. In the late eighteen hundreds, the leadership of Japan sought to quell the ideal of "service" in an attempt to modernize itself with...
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It is of primary importance to understand the motivations for your desire to excel in anything. This takes into consideration more than you would normally imagine because of what is entailed in your sincere striving. It is not enough to simply "wanna be" a version of what you are using...
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"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear", a Buddhist proverb that is so true, at least in my experience. Throughout my life I have encountered many teachers, mentors, sages and leaders, people whose wisdom and teachings I have been drawn to, because I was ready and open to...
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Here's the link to the latest review of my book: http://www.theusreview.com/reviews/Essays-Benoit.html    
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  Week 3 I Am in Control I determine my own destiny and I visualize the direction I want my life experiences to take me. There is no doubt in my mind that I am on the right path for myself as I continue to illuminate my own visions by my own desires. My health is excellent, and I control my...
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I invite the red room community to listen to my recent blog talk about my latest book, The Lady of the Rings – Musashi's Book of Five Rings for Woman's Empowerment, with Michael Dresser of www.dresserafterdark.com. He really put the questions to me and I answered them in a very direct manner. Feel...
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A true revolution ensues when perceptions are changed. Political revolution merely forces carnage.
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  What if this was the only world you were to ever know? What if it were true that when you die you are simply banished from existence for eternity? Let us imagine that there is no God. Whose life then would still hold meaning for him? Would it not be those exemplar spirits, those eternal...
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What is it that makes words into stories? And why are stories valuable to us? We human types seem to be able, away from our dream states, to create mental images - images of things and happenstances that aren't really there, that haven't really occurred. Over the eons we've devised utterances that...